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Unlocking Success with Total Revenue Management
What is total revenue management in hospitality? Total Revenue Management refers to managing each income stream for maximum profits. It helps hotels achieve their goal of increasing revenue and profits in a competitive market by integrating many revenue sources. The sources include F&
10 Tips to Increase Your Hotel Revenue Using OTA Management
Hotel Revenue Revenue management used to signify opening and closing availability and pricing, but it has now evolved into a rather po
Ultimate Guide to Virtual Hotel Tours & 5 Amazing Examples
What is virtual tourism? Virtual tourism is an emerging area of the hospitality sector, which uses tech to offer guests and tourists a unique and engaging experience. From restaurants to hotels, everyone is using virtual marketing to promote their brands, boost customer growth, and enhance operation
How Does a Strategy Management Software Work and Its Features?

Strategy Management Software: A Blueprint for Success

Companies are investing in strategy management software’s to manage decision-making and provide data analysis, freeing up the time and effort of those who do it manually. Strategy automation is a highly effective way to increase the c
OTAs vs. Direct Hotel Booking
All of us have varied views on this subject – while there is no doubt OTAs bring in the business, at what cost? Can hotels do a turnaround to make the guests book directly? Let's dig into the history of both these channels and the evergreen debate.


Improve OTA Listing and Positioning
How to improve my Hotels Listing/Positioning on the OTA platforms? This is one of the most common questions that team Revnomix comes across on an ongoing basis. The business mix share through online channels is growing at a tremendous pace and thus it's increasing the complications and it's becom
5 Key Tips for Annual Budget Forecasting
April marks the beginning of the new financial year in India. Revenue Managers across the country will be busy preparing their budgets and making projections for occupancy and revenue growth. Revenue Managers need to focus on these 5 key areas to ensure optimal occupancy and profitability. 1) Bud