Tips For Choosing a Revenue Management Software in 2022

What is Revenue Management Software and Why Do I Need It?

Revenue management software is used to forecast demand, identify and analyze revenue-generating opportunities, optimize pricing and promotions, and automate the reservation process.

The most common use for revenue management software is price optimization. It helps companies to evaluate potential revenue opportunities by considering the cost of goods sold, marketing expenses, marginal costs, inventory turnover rate, etc.

Revenue management software helps organizations manage their product portfolio more effectively by using the following features:

  1. forecasting demand;
  2. identifying and analyzing revenue-generating opportunities;
  3. optimizing pricing and promotions;
  4. automating the reservation process; etc.

These features help organizations to reduce their customer churn rates while at the same time increasing profits.

What Role Does Revenue Management Software Play in the Hotel Industry?

Revenue management software is one of the most important tools in the hotel industry. It helps hotels to optimize their revenue, manage their inventory, and keep track of their room rates. This software does not only saves time but also leads to higher revenue.

A revenue management software provides a central hub where all the information about hotel booking can be stored. This includes details about guest rooms, room rates, inventory, etc. It also provides real-time data analytics on how hotel deals are performing and how it will affect profits in the future

A lot of hotels in the world still lack good revenue management software. However, these days, the improved flexibility and openness of this software have made it easier for hotels to improve their business and even out their occupancy rates.

Regardless of how big your hotel is, one of the most important reasons for investing in a Revenue Management System is that it enables you to easily perform complex calculations without any problems. The tool is perfect for assessing real-time data which you can’t collect manually.

What are the Top Revenue Management System Features?

Revenue management systems are used in all kinds of industries to help optimize profits and growth. With these systems, companies are able to optimize their inventory, set prices, monitor the competition, and more.

Here are the top features that every revenue management system should have:

Automatic price updates: With a lot of time-consuming manual work, it can be difficult for revenue managers to focus on the most important tasks. With a good Revenue Management System, they no longer have to worry about routine tasks and can automate them in order to save their time for things that really matter.

Intelligent data reporting: A good analytics software can not only display your data in easy-to-read tabs, but it can also visualize & graphically display reports for better understanding. This ability helps teams to analyze trends and patterns within data more effectively, leading to increased revenue. Your RMS should be able to build, export, and share your most important reports with ease.

Easy integrations with other systems: A Revenue Management System should integrate well with other applications, such as your website booking engine, channel manager, and property management system to maximize revenue while keeping costs down. Integrations with your company’s CRM system or ERP system will also simplify data entry and maintain consistency across information databases.

Open and dynamic pricing: With a well-developed RMS, you can clearly manage different distribution channels and room types in isolation from each other. It’s always preferable to have a base price guide in place to help calculate the rates for every underperforming room type, but the software should be able to suggest dynamic prices for any time of overbooking scenario.

5 Tips on How to Choose the Right Revenue Management Software for Your Company

Revenue management software can be complex or easy to use depending on the company’s needs. There are many revenue management software available on the market, but before you make your decision, there are five important things you need to consider:

1) Identifying your needs

Be sure to look for Revenue Management Software that can help you approach your Revenue Strategy. Every good RMS has a module that is specifically tailored for making decisions on a daily basis.

A strong forecasting strategy will allow you to arrive at the most optimal pricing formula for your hotel. In order to be as effective as possible, it should also be based on an open pricing methodology with a focus on forecasting and optimization.

And finally, there needs to be a forecasting and budget-building tool with deep reporting functionality that can help you manage the overall strategy of your business. This will allow your whole team to function smoothly.

2) Check if the software allows for flexible updates

One of the most important parts of RMS software is on-demand optimization. This means that you can instantly and automatically refresh and update your rates in the system when you want to change them with one easy click.

3) Assess if the solutions are based on modern methods

Businesses with the best analytics and modeling techniques in place will be the most likely to succeed. Having the right data and methods to build a strategy that is not only best for your business but right for you and the expectations you set is very important.

When the market is volatile and trends are changing rapidly, it can be hard to rely on historical data. In these situations, you need an RMS solution powered by a cutting-edge algorithm that is able to pick a strategy that is best for your hotel. This ensures that your forecasts are accurate because they’re made using relevant data.

4) Evaluate the ease of use of the interface

As you know, most people don’t enjoy one type of automated control or manual control exclusively. Our research shows that people actually prefer to have the option of both, with room to change it up based on their preference. When choosing the software for your company, look for one that offers both human-controlled and automated solutions. These are called “controlled automation”

5) Evaluating support services provided by vendors

To make sure you can depend on a new company to take care of your hotel’s revenue strategy needs, research the company’s reputation and make sure they have expert talent. They should also have a record of success and be staffed with professionals who know what it is like to manage a hotel’s revenue.

RevSeed – The Ultimate Revenue Management Solution for Hoteliers

When choosing a revenue management solution for your hotel, you need to be sure that you are only working with the best of the best! One software that delivers the best in class revenue management solution for hotels is RevSeed, created by Revnomix Solutions.

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Revseed is an end-to-end revenue management solution that is changing the way hotels optimize their revenue. Revseed’s comprehensive technology platform enables hoteliers to maximize profitability by providing insights on occupancy, rates, and demand for rooms.

How Can You Increase Your Revenue with RevSeed?

Revseed is a Strategy Management System that helps you with hotel revenue management services and data analytics. It is an industry-leading hotel revenue management software.

Revseed can use advanced technology to help you with your business. Here are 4 ways they can help you improve your revenue:

Volume Strategy – Revseed provides insight into your goals. Based on them, Revseed will suggest the best price for the floor space you need to fill up.

Rate Strategy– Revseed will find the best price for you and guide you towards it, so that you can optimize your rate to guarantee the most possible income.

Market Linked Strategy– Revseed determines the pricing of hotels by assessing the worth of a hotel’s positioning in relation to its competitors.

Availability Strategy– Revseed will recommend the best price for you based on the availability of rooms.

Why RevSeed is the Best Revenue Management Solution for your Hotel?

RevSeed has empowered hotels to be more efficient in managing their occupancy and rates, provide a better customer experience with lower prices, and increase profitability by analyzing data about various pricing options available to them.

This software enables businesses to work more efficiently, saving you time and effort. You get the following features when you sign up for Revseed:

1. Strategy Management at a Click – Multiple Strategies available daily to adapt by Day/Period/Horizon.
2. Multiple Strategy Selection- Choose from one of the following strategies: volume strategy, rate strategy, market linking strategy, availability strategy
3. Smart Strategy Calendar- Includes Interactive calendar with Actionable KPI.
4. Automated Multiple Optimizations- Decision Upload multiple times daily / 365 Days.
5. Yielding Slate- Interactive Yielding Slate with data points.
6. Integrated Platform- Provides integrated solutions like Inbuilt distribution platform Booking Engine/Channel Manager / Website.
7. Support- Virtual Revenue Expert Support.

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Revnomix helps hotels analyze data to make informed decisions. Revseed is a successful strategy management software that can be used in revenue management and analytics, as well as many other functions.

At Revnomix we believe in simplifying your Revenue Management needs. With just one single click you can get 4 different strategies.
Revseed helps you to be more cost-effective with your marketing strategies for optimal return. Contact us for more information, and a free customized demo for your hotel.

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Tips For Choosing a Revenue Management Software in 2022
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