Hotel Harbour View - The Impact of Accurate Positioning
“Good Online Positioning is Open Invitation to Affluent Guests and Good Spenders”.

The Client:

Hotel Harbour View is a luxury boutique hotel located in Colaba, Mumbai, India. The hotel was established as a rest house, which was converted into a guest house and recently remodeled into a hotel. The hotel is popular amongst Indian and foreign visitors due to its proximity to popular tourist locations in South Mumbai. House in a Art Deco heritage building, the hotel offers a 24 hour restaurant as well as airport pick up and drops and guided tours of the city.


Some of the challenges faced by the hotel were:

  1. – As the hotel was closed for renovation for 6 months, its online visibility and online positioning was impacted negatively at the time of reopening.
  2. – The Hotel Review score earned as a guest house earlier confined the position of Hotel Harbour View on OTAs that it was already listed on.
  3. – Highly competitive market and past image as a guest house created hindrances in creating market acceptance.
  4. – Positioning a hotel that has old infrastructure due to its presence in a heritage building and new interior design.
  5. – Small inventory and different room categories made it difficult to maintain sell through.

Strategies Adopted:

  1. – A new positioning strategy with fresh content for listed OTA’s was implemented
  2. – New Channels were contracted to capture the market and increase the visibility.
  3. – Every Channel was given the equal opportunity to sell in order to achieve growth.
  4. – Dynamic Pricing strategy was implemented to aid the hotel to attract right demand at right time.
  5. – Incisive focus towards increasing guest satisfaction and converting first timers in to repeat guests.
  6. – Targeting the right market for right season to position the property globally.
  7. – Measures taken to keep continuous inventory helped to increase length of stay.


The Hotel got associated with Revnomix in December 2017. The concentrated efforts of the Hotel Harbour View management and our team resulted in improved positioning on OTAs, continuous growth in occupancy and ADR and improved length of stay.