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End to End Revenue Management Solutions for a Third-Party Hotel Management company

Third Party Hotel Management Company (UAE)


When the client came to Revnomix they knew they wanted a specific solution covering 4 Major Areas across branded & non branded hotels to optimize revenue across the portfolio.

  • Hotel Onboarding Process
  • System Setup
  • Standardized Reporting
  • Implementation of Revenue Optimization Process
  • Tracking & Monitoring



Standalone Hotels, Multiple Hotel brands, Proprietary systems, function with independent and peculiar Revenue Management setups. Inefficient processes affecting the productivity & performance.


Multiple Systems, Reports, Data Sources, lack of clarity and control, consolidation of data. The lack of standardization on system setup resulted in complex data condition proved to be a hindrance in capturing systematic data.


Absence of continuous tracking & monitoring process to manage dynamic market conditions.

Our Approach to the Problem


Each Hotel group uses proprietary systems (PMS, POS, RMS) . Hence the internal data is available in different forms . We were able to consolidate information in a single database. Similarly External data like competition rate Shopping, STR, Demand 360 etc. were consolidated for unit to estate level analytics. Data consolidation assists the Management/Asset & Revenue Management team In accomplishing data correlation.


The client wanted to build their own BI platform to enable them to make data-based decisions . Common BI platform built by Revnomix assisted in fulfilling daily data and analytics needs , which is a prerequisite for Forecasting, Pattern, Price and Pace Analysis


Standard Operating Procedure (SOP’s) created for each Hotel brand considering unique ways of working and system stacks. Unique procedures build around critical areas of Forecasting, Pricing & Pace Monitoring, asset positioning across ecommerce channels. Integration of raw data and performing multiple transformation and mappings to create different dashboards.

One Team

Revenue Management team with Subject matter expertise using standard process managing hotels of various brand under one roof.

Solutions Offered

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Hotel Onboarding Process
  • System Architecture & System Set Up
  • Revenue Optimization & Forecasting Process
  • Strategic Engagement – Weekly & Monthly
Automation of Report & Insights

Manual process of MIS reporting was replaced by an automated BI. Data was consolidated and managed systematically Automated Daily & weekly Reporting with insights based on AI, ML and NLP technologies

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Diagnostic Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
Revenue Optimization Process
  • Robust process of Forecasting and Monitoring, resulting in higher performance
  • Analyzing Historical data & future demand data Pattern & Pace
  • Data based decision Making
  • Defined Engagement for Strategic discussion – Weekly & Fortnightly
Data Analytics

Management & Revenue Management team can now analyze historical performance also compare future data patterns and Pace for Revenue Optimization Purpose with Proactive tracking & monitoring .

What the Client has to Say

Working with Revnomix has been a pleasure. They have assisted us in achieving higher topline revenues by implementing defined Revenue Management Process along with data driven approach. Together we look forward to achieving many milestones. - Bani Haddad (Managing Director, Aleph Hospitality)

The Revnomix Edge

Data Driven Decision Making Approach
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Incisive Business Process
Data Security
Proactive Approach
Collaborative Team

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