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Revseed - Strategy Management System / Your Pricing Strategist

Revseed is a Strategy Management System which helps in hotel revenue management services and data analytics. It is one of the leading in providing hotel revenue management strategies that emphasizes volume, rate, market-linked, availability strategy with Artificial intelligence (AI), & Machine learning (ML) and Algorithms. Revseed provides:


Volume Strategy11

Intended to optimize Volume (OCCUPANCY) within available demand. Considering patterns such as Booking pace, Day of week trends (DOW), Competition pricing & business on books – Revseed will recommend price to optimize Occupancy

Rate Strategy

Intended to optimize Rate (ADR) within available demand. Revseed evaluates the demand & accept high rated demand considering the available capacity. Revseed will recommend price to Optimize Rate

Market Linked Strategy

Pricing recommended based on Hotel’s & Competitors Market intelligence like Pricing, Positioning & reputation (Ranking / Reviews / Ratings) on TripAdvisor, etc.

Availability Strategy

Intended to achieve highest possible occupancy, predominantly pricing is derived based on the remaining capacity (Rooms Available to Sell). Making each room count.


Strategy Management at a Click

Multiple Strategies available daily to adapt by Day/Period/ Horizon.

Multiple Strategy Selection

Volume Strategy, Rate Strategy, Market linked Strategy, Availability Strategy

Automated Multiple Optimizations

Decision Upload multiple times daily / 365 Days

Smart Strategy Calendar

Interactive calendar with Actionable KPI'.Pick Up / Price / Pace/Special Events/ Market Intelligence


Interactive Yielding Slate with data points

Integrated Platform

Inbuilt distribution platform Booking Engine/Channel Manager /WEBSITE


Virtual Revenue Expert Support