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Revenue Management is an art of blending together appropriate Data ,Strategy,People,Process and systems for higher yield.

The offsite revenue management service offered by Revnomix addresses the key revenue optimization needs a hotel may have. We, at Revnomix, carry Subject Matter Expertise and use the most advanced Business Intelligence tools, processes, concepts and technology often unavailable to a lot of hotels

Existing Situation V/s Proposed arrangement

Existing Situation Proposed arrangement
Individual Battery of experts
Fixed working Hours Team support Round the clock
Manual intervention Customized Process Automation

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Strategy / Process Manager

20 years of Hotel Revenue Management with Ideas, Hilton, IHG, Revnomix

Data Scientist

20 years of Hotel Data Scientist with Ideas, Accor, Leela

Revenue Manager

High School Graduate from IHM Lucknow, Over 10 years Hospitality Experience

Data Analyst

Post Graduate Engineer Pune University, 01 year in Hospitality Data Sciences


24 /7-Dedicated team
Systematic Collaborative Engagement
Global Subject Matter Expertise
Incisive Business Process
Insights & Intelligence - Descriptive & Prescriptive Analytics
Advance Technology & Business Intelligence Platform

Team Onboarding Process

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