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Control and Improve Corporate Demand through Applied Analytics
In recent times, the Indian Hotel industry has been witnessing a systematic decline in profitability in spite of similar or more year-on-year occupancy growth. Hoteliers established that this decline was essentially due to incorrect segmentation and exceptionally high commissions charged by OTAs. We
Yield Performance Analytics – Understanding Demand Patterns in Hotels
Data Analytics in the Hotel industry is quiet complex generally, due to the nature of business model where bookings arrive through multiple Channels, multiple Feeder Markets, multiple Segments etc. Mostly booking windows across channels are open to accept bookings up to 365 days in future which make
Importance of Business Intelligence in Pricing
Business Intelligence (BI) is the process of utilizing software and services to transform data into actionable intelligence. This intelligence, in turn, forms the basis of an organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions. In layman terms, BI helps decision-makers to examine data to unde