Business Intelligence Case Study - Revnomix

Data to Decision automation with Customised BI Dashboard for Hotel Consulting Company

Hotel Asset Management Consulting


Client , a hospitality consulting firm based in Bangalore offers specialized services to Hotel Owners / Investors across the Asia Pacific region. The firm has been advising, assisting and nurturing a vast portfolio of clients in its two decade existence.

A team of hoteliers with combined experience of 120 years across varied hospitality verticals provides focused, empathetic and innovative approach to its customers.However lacked in providing a holistic view of the asset to its customer due to absence of accurate usable data.

When the client came to Revnomix they had a specific requirement to develop Custom Business Intelligence (BI) platform .For the client to deliver their Scope it is important to have control on the data . Our Goal was to design and develop state of the art Business Intelligence platform for the Client to assist them in Asset Management .The client should be in a position to explain the hotel owner his hotel’s profitability ,performance and position.


Data Standardization

The lack of appropriate Data & Standardization on System Set Up resulted in Complex data condition proved to be a hindrance in capturing systematic data.


Multiple Systems, Reports & Data Sources affecting the consolidation & Correlation.

Our Approach to the Problem


Since the client had no access to the hotel Systems, we have to use the Hotel Generated MIS data sheets presented in Excel.


The excel workbooks were processed using ETL programs developed in Python to convert them into BI consumable format.


The data from DRR, P&L, Rate Shop and STR were consolidated into one database.


The Power BI is used to develop the Visual Analytics

Solutions Offered

The solution was completely custom built for the client.

The reporting is completely designed on Power BI

The App feature of Power BI is used for distribution of solutions

There are 5 different modules custom developed

  • - The Flash
  • - The KPI
  • - The Variance
  • - The Revenue Analysis
  • - The Expense Analysis

What the Client has to Say

The team at Revnomix Solutions have deonstrated both ingenuity and determination in their efforts to develop bespoke BI Tools for us. Going forward, we look forward to their continued support in sustaining and upgrading these tools in the years to come.

The Revnomix Edge

Integrated and Smart Visualisation
Actionable KPIs & Insights
Advanced Data Processing(AI/ML)
Big Data Analytics
Customizable Business Intelligence Platform
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